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Big Breaking News Badali Camp related paripatra

Big Breaking News Badali Camp related paripatra

Explores the various parameters of dealing with. This role of the school leader also becomes important, as it leads you to change the school with an informed decision. 5. Academic Leadership to Improve Students’ Learning Academic leadership is a set of school knowledge, skills, and attitudes that set the school head to change the learning-teaching process in a way that (1) improves student learning and contributes to the professional development of teachers in the process.


Is. The head of a school who has taken on the role of educational leader strongly believes that every child is capable of learning and progress and that every teacher can improve his or her teaching practice, knowledge and skills. The academic leader also supports the teacher’s practice as well as teaching-learning processes. And monitor.

You also know that a primary, upper primary or elementary school head teacher / head of school is also involved in the education class, so it is important to understand that he / she is a teacher and school leader. This is an advantage because the head teacher understands the role of the teacher. The challenges that the teacher faces when dealing with the diverse population of students and the specific learning needs of the students.

In addition, as the head of a school, you must also provide academic support and supervision to other teachers in the school to improve the overall education system in each classroom and in all subjects. To understand your role as an academic leader, you need to understand three components in detail:

Developing perspectives on the principles of active learning Understanding pedagogical knowledge as a school head Educational supervision in school 5.1 Developing perspectives on real learning principles . The school needs to have facilities that stimulate students’ natural ability, determination and curiosity. In this way they can become efficient citizens and be able to make meaningful contributions to society.

How to create an environment in schools that is conducive to the safety, determination and curiosity of children? The answer to this question lies in the teaching method that children enjoy learning. Such a teaching method is called a study-centric method, in which children are engaged in a task that requires them to think more than just listening to a lecture.


The teacher behaves as a knowledge advocate in a centralized learning system rather than a conventional teaching method and leads children better in finding, processing and using information. . Active learning is one of the components of child-centered pedagogy that makes learning-learning processes enjoyable and meaningful. As a school leader, you need to have a deep understanding of active teaching principles that are common to all. To understand this teaching-learning (study-teaching) 

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