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GSEB SSC english Question Bank pdf

I am playing the voice that was not sent to me, I am tired of being from the 11th, I am the only one in the 21st to make the progress of the Univirjinar Mission (to be in the position), jara  From the house to the house? This fall will be the day of the zip.

GSEB SSC english Question Bank pdf
GSEB SSC english Question Bank pdf

 According to Kao. Sai Mi to Vocational Oriented Polytechnic P. Puro Pat) Key in Shabar Meek Weed (IV) and Mars in-house cash (p. I] E ¥ Tu BK (1] Risk of skills from a business organization (B3D. 

Talam, Kan Dart Ran Mein Rahati Thar)  There is a gap between them. The latest applications in your fields are taught the processes and methods, back to where you work from your own classroom to the workplace. During the process, you don’t have to worry.  / I l (mera ri | tIL4a5 | ma che ne. E hai shiknaraoni ubhay ganitilita pichho.  

Equips with practical juices and key state, and also learns work culture, ethics and organizational behavior.The National Training Program (NATS) is a one-year program with 126 subject areas for technically diploma students to be trained. 

 Is, training in their workplace by Athe Ray organizations during the period of apprenticeship.  The amount is paid.  Out of which Government of India gives 50 stipends to employers.  At the end of the training period, the candidates are given a proficiency certificate by the Government of India, which can be registered as a registered employment experience in the entire employment exchange.  

  Crop people from scarcity art,.  |  From the mind to the 114th, the main water of the mind also washed away my sins  IB |  Mother |  II |  The letter is also in the breath.  That  is of Jai.  Don’t believe  Take a pickup deposit in ‘B 11’ or Eastern LIMIN.  4 Pa Pa to Form #wr ‘Theik Sank Iti that these are the only ingredients of ILI.  I wish |  Nari Rashi ly (receives this by seeing that the mother of.

 Can be made the king of 1 or me with 1 key.  P kai || Bat () ma j ksh II MIN 199, does not know. The medi.  The death of Kishya in training training. The Heat (A! Second. Hu Shik Savvi seeks pro-party for the selection of business currency. Not in the water of care.  Is, તૈયાર w3 (૫) [to prepare insurance for EL ti and (V1 + Sakhi PERT I have pre-diversified EPU vs. Kamal in various fields including my cer, Hlavo – Urvera Cind), Mushroom Ki Khati (nd). Vermiculture  , and pione Orica Practice. 

Typewriting. Infomet Cole, Begining with Visual Base Ghan Vidyul Ulamo Narmmat evi Anurakshan (Hindi), Gharelu wiring. Plumbing Repo Mince of Pow Thrashar Repair and Maintenance of Tilia and Sowing Euros Wood Cat Blood Band Operation Baa  s kala (Hindi), Batik.  Gudia Nieman (Hind), Propan Bread and Other Yeast Leavened Products, Preservation of Food and vegetables by Drying an Dalydration Preservation of Food and Vegetables Using Salt.  Vinegar and OIL Production Cosmetics, Soft Toys Textile Care and Design, 



Tie and Dye and Kastha Kala to Na Maa Purayan Thal Kari  Accelerating sinfulness awarene Central Rewards Scheme on Vocationalization of Secondary Education (1988) Introduction to Vocationalization of Education  Was introduced to introduce a two-year Vocational Education Program (VEP). U.M.  (15% of total time), (w) General Foundation Course (15% of total time and u) Professional choice subjects (76% of total time) 

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