Instructions Circular about installation of Mobile Device Management (MDM) Application in School Tablet – info Exam Jyot

Instructions Circular about installation of Mobile Device Management (MDM) Application in School Tablet

Instructions  Circular about installation of Mobile Device Management (MDM) Application in School Tablet

Assuming two came, it would stop at number seven.  At that time the professor will ask him the question number 7 and answer Nandini.  Thus Raju and Najma will also throw dice and Goti will move forward respectively.  The teacher will ask the question of the number on which Goti will stop and Raju Najma will give the answers. If the player cannot answer the questions asked by the teacher, he has to give up one of his bets.  

This is how the game goes.  The question once asked should not be repeated.  Change the format of the same numbered question to create a total of 100 questions for 25 cells.  With a little improvement these activities can be useful even in multicultural learning situations.  And in which different things are applied according to the level of the children, even without the presence of the teacher, such things can be useful in turning the children in the learning process. 

 Creating Solid Experiences: From the example given above you can understand that such handy materials can be more helpful than a burden for the teacher.  Such examples .L.M.  Points out the importance of, i.e. children can use this tool themselves.  Ideas derived from the local environment.

 The aspect activity is an example of how teachers can use many tools.  Often we are unaware that the material available from the local environment empowers us to be useful in the classroom learning process.  Of course looking around the teacher will realize that the environment around him or in which he lives is a huge repository for teaching and learning materials. 

 The type of such content varies from place to place.  What is available in Gujarat may not be available in Goa.  Different flora and fauna can also be used as effective teaching materials in each social environment.  The teacher can use such material independently or with a textbook to provide learning experiences to the children.  For example, a single chapter in a textbook may be about the local environment. 

 Also, instead of memorizing the material given in the textbook, the teacher can give suggestions to the children for outdoor activities, where the children themselves get acquainted with the world of trees and animals.  For the above, the teacher does not always need to use solid or real things, for example, for a lesson about festivals, the teacher may ask children to interact with their parents and society to get information about local festivals, and then come up with a textbook content.  

Thus society and its culture is also a rich source for teaching-learning materials.  But this treasure is just waiting to be opened by the hands of teachers and children.  Material Creation: We were able to determine how important an effective class of available materials can be for teaching!  We also realized that many of the materials instinctively derived from the local setting can be used in the classroom, but it is also worth considering whether the teacher can use them in controlled quantities, and the teaching party can also be expected to undertake the production of such materials.  

It can be consumed during the year.  Discuss the topic of materials that may be useful during the year: The first few materials that may be useful to teachers if provided at the central level, state level or district level.  Such content may include flash cards, number cards, dice, puzzles, etc.  If this is not possible, the teachers can assemble at the Salary Center School (C.R.C.) to carry out the production of such materials, and where a teacher’s grant is available, all such funds can be collected and spent on purchasing materials en masse.  

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Children can automatically contribute their own tools, for example, a teacher can help a Std-9 child make a flashcard and use it for Std-1 and Std-1 children.  For such equipment a research library can be set up at the Pay Center School (C.R.C.) from where teachers can retrieve and use the equipment.  Community Perspectives: Sources from society can be used to develop learning corners in the classroom. A study corner is a place in the classroom where certain special activities or subject areas can be created like a library for science, drawing, etc.  

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