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Latest circular regarding attendance at school with full staff from Monday

The significance of the phase study findings lies in providing effective learning opportunities to children with special needs, disadvantaged children and all those students.  This has been highlighted in academic fields such as environmental education, science, mathematics, social sciences and language.

Latest circular regarding attendance at school with full staff from Monday
Latest circular regarding attendance at school with full staff from Monday

 These findings are associated with academic expectations and the teaching process.  Provisions for disadvantaged children include the following.  Shim Ensure their involvement in the learning process and help them progress like other children.  Avoid comparing children.  Improve curriculum and learning environment tailored to individual needs.  Make provisions for adoption.  Perform activities tailored to a variety of content.  

Provide textbooks and ancillary materials tailored to age and learning ability.  Proper class management such as prevention of annoyance, noise etc.  Helping in the use of things like ICT, video, digital.  

To sensitize normal children to the abilities and vulnerabilities of CWSN children with handling equipment such as wheelchairs, support sticks, batons, hearing aids, visual and visual aids (taylor frames, mounds). 

 Extra time and selection of suitable method for the test (values) to be successful.  Respect the home language and socio-cultural environment.  (E.g. customs, manners).  Thus, the study findings are small targets according to the work corresponding process.  

The child’s progress can be assessed qualitatively or quantitatively through the study method for the holistic development of the child.  Use and incorporate the appropriate method of reference literature and teaching rather than planning the lesson.  Teachers are expected to provide a variety of teaching methods and opportunities in the classroom. 

 The study conclusion class covers the whole subject wise so as to take it as a holistic understanding of the child rather than analyzing it.  Similarly the learning outcomes determined in the field of curriculum depend on each other according to the stage of the curriculum.  A detailed report of the study findings prepared by NCERT for the primary section can be obtained from the Head Teachers from http: /  Standard and subject wise study findings can be seen in the mall sent earlier.  



This document includes study findings for subjects up to primary section like language (Hindi, English, U), Mathematics, Science, Environment, Social Science for each standard.  This document is especially for parents / guardians / teachers / SMCs and social members involved in education.  What is school-based assessment?  School-based assessment is the evaluation of teaching and learning processes under a broad educational philosophy of assessment.  Assessment of school students by school teachers i.e. school oriented assessment 

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