Singer: They came with needles and scissors. How can a tailor cut a cloth and make a coat while jotjota!  .. Jamyo.  (The tailor comes forward.) Question: Come on tailor!  Say what do you make?  Tailor: Who am I, tailor ..!  Don’t sew, don’t sew, my m..g..g!  We sent the naga to God, but we wore it as a tailor.

 We keep the honor of God!  What if we didn’t?  We CV Gujarati, Punjabi, Pathani lengha, robe, pants, shirt and many more fashionable clothes!  Did you know ?  Let’s make a man who likes “a light man and a million light clothes” a king’s kunwar .. Now we run Sancha with an electric motor!  All artisans: Wow!  Brother!  Big brother of God!  (Tailor goes back to the fair.) Singer: Rapi was brought by the police.  … Jamyo.  (Cobbler comes first.)

 Question: Oops!  Come on Mochibhai!  What do you do besides make shoes?  Cobbler: Protecting your feet from thorns, pebbles, cold, heat is the wonder of my hands!  We do not build a cell to draw water from the well.  Her m |  Let’s build but now there is a well.  Merciful pumps have become a force to be reckoned with.  We too have got electric sacha now.  

All artisans: wow mochimai w.  !  Wow!  (The cobbler goes to the fair.: Singer: Soap Powder Irons ૯ Didn’t come Dhobibhai, How can I wash the rice clothes Irons …! .. Jamyo. (Dhobi gives first.)  What else do you do?  We also have electric irons and washing machines. Let’s wash the bhalbhala! All the artisans: Wow, Dhobibhai!  Jamyo. (The barber comes forward sprinkling the fountain.) Question: Tell me, barber, what do you do! 

Barber: A light man, a thousand light haircuts!  ! I have the art of massaging my hands … If we go on strike you all become like Bawa! All artisans: Wow! Wow! All together … Just one row  Speaking will take a round of garba.  Jamyo artisan fair … Jamyo artisan fair …) Evaluation: List the artisans living in the village.  Make the artisan note the useful tools. 

 What are the craftsmen other than the ones made in the song?  Note that.  Note the changes made to today’s new tools.  Apart from this, a special village tour is organized to visit the artisans of the village – special information of each artisan can be collected.  Introduce their tools.  Ile.  Chakda, Ile.  Lots, Ile.  – Demonstrate Sancha. 

 Arranging a visit to the motorbody wax.  Introduce cropping, welding etc.  Ltd. Ghani, show the common tools used in Sonycom.  A visit to a motor garage, as well as a tire-tube maker can be arranged.  Get acquainted (gain, obtain) with present-day techniques of woodworking. 

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