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Over set up Camp BLO Teacher Seniority associated Important Circular

Over set up Camp BLO Teacher Seniority associated Important Circular

Stay, if you have presented a story without doing so?  So such complaints are heard: the story is not understood, is not understood, one does not guess, the story is suppressed by the burden of work matters, the story is slow, boring, there is no interest in it, there is no continuity, none of this is memorable, others  This is not a story to be told, not at all!  In order to protect his story from such potential complaints, the child narrator should be careful to weave the assimilated thing patiently.  

The thing is the raw material.  Making it usable by processing it is a thing of the past.  It is a matter of knitting a rational, planned thing into a juicy story.  Successful weaving makes a definite figure out of a scattered story, a beautiful pattern emerges, the weaving should be done in such a way that what happens next in the child’s mind and at the same time get an interesting answer.  Not only amazement but also excitement is constantly experienced and finally the child experiences unbroken joy.  Children’s minds should be kept in mind while weaving children’s stories.  He is impatient.  

Thus the introduction of the main characters as much as possible without falling into the temptation of deploying an emotional atmosphere at the beginning of the story decreases, with the culmination in the middle of the story as well as the beginning of the end.  And finally, the story – the outcome of the event is inevitable.  The notion of the end of the story cannot be left to the child reader nor can the child reader be satisfied with the sign of the outcome.  Knitting a childish thing cannot have a mainstream and a secondary stream.  It is desirable that the story flows sequentially in a single stream.  

The exaggeration of the diversion or description in the text tires the child reader.  The fact that they are fabricated or inconsistent shakes him.  The choice of words, such as knitting as much as possible in a children’s story, should also be appropriate for the child.  Accurate and intuitive dialogues help a lot in knitting things.  

This makes the story come true or alive, it would be desirable for the writer to create the characters purposefully instead of getting involved in the story himself.  The juices that children find particularly appealing when knitting also fall short of combining skillfully.  The child reader is especially attracted by the wonderful interest, humor and heroism.  There may be a variety of interests in the story.  Not just a drop of swallowing juice, if the rhythm is flowing rhythmically, the child gets lost in it and enjoys the joy, especially the treasure of happiness.  

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Lecturer b.  A, College Dwarka, a man blindfolded with both hands and blindfolded, holding an innocent child in his lap and touching the child’s delicate limbs with his short hand.  There was joy on his face.  That pleasant touch of the child was in his mind.  I started thinking about it.  A whirlwind of thoughts began to arise in my mind: ‘Ouch!  You have two hands and two wings.  

What an opportunity for you to enjoy the touch of a child!  You have two eyes, what an opportunity to shower a heli of love on a child with two eyes.  However … you slap the innocent cheek of the child with that hand, you scatter the embers of anger towards that delicate child with your eyes ???  How unfortunate you and your child are!  Hey teacher  If possible: Take the baby’s skin plush to your heart.  Amy P. of the child’s eye by eye.  By doing so, turn life into a festival, with Umesh Joshi hookah in hand.  Is the head teacher of Shedubhar Primary School, Ta, Dist.  Amreli

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