Over set up Camp BLO Teacher Seniority related Important letter Banaskanta. – info Exam Jyot

Over set up Camp BLO Teacher Seniority related Important letter Banaskanta.

Over set up Camp BLO Teacher Seniority related Important letter Banaskanta.

Each student pulls out his or her parikar from the compass.  Turn the parikar’s fu properly, fill it with pencil.  He sees that the edge of the pencil and the pencil remain horizontal  Adjust the edge of the parikkar and pencil on the scale to the correct mark, and get the specified size.  Draw a circle by arranging it in the right place in the parikar note.  In this way students adjust to many of the above actions.

  (Step-4) After gaining control over the above actions, students naturally develop a gradual circle drawing style.  This means that all the activities of Sopan-4 are done automatically by the students.  (Step-5) Students now acquire the skill of drawing a circle of a certain size as directed, which eventually results in a habit.  (Step-6) Here in the whole process, functional learning and functional evaluation can be done simultaneously.  But where, when and how to conduct a functional assessment as a teacher is a matter of skill, personally.  

Conclusion: After clarifying the concept of study-teaching materials (TLM), functional teaching and functional assessment, the teacher has to think about which educational tools, what educational activities, what kind of content can provide the expected experiences to the student.  The activities undertaken by the teacher affect the students and the student acquires the kind of experiences through his / her activities which remain an integral part of his / her personality. 

 The fact is that the experiences related to the learning process are created by the students’ own activities.  From this point of view, it is very important for the student to be active. If the basic objective of education is to develop the student, then the student activity should have an important place in it.  That is why ‘learning by action or activity’ is an important principle of education.  Which has also been accepted and prophesied by Mahatma Gandhiji and John Dewey. 

 Thus students should be provided with activities in which, through their activity they learn and achieve the expected development.  The indispensability of study teaching materials for this cannot be underestimated!  a .  That.  Modh Patel (C.L.) S.  P Pathak (C.L.) – J.  L .  If Patel (C.L.) doesn’t matter .. the classroom is the same.  The students are the same.

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  One teacher enters the room and a wave of consciousness spreads, while another teacher enters, the consciousness becomes turbulent.  One should ask oneself a question: Does it make a difference whether one is in an organization, in a situation, in a job or in a family?  If there is no difference, there is no point in pulling, falling or being present.

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