Overpaid increment which is not payable which is refunded to the concerned employees. – info Exam Jyot

Overpaid increment which is not payable which is refunded to the concerned employees.

Overpaid increment which is not payable which is refunded to the concerned employees.

Know the childish thing and its knitting?  Once upon a time it happened that …. ”Thus the environment in which a child lives is a story – starting with a treasure trove of things and everyone’s ears are the same to hear what is being said.  Family, friend, relative, school, village, always ready in this environment!  Man is only interested in his personal affairs, birds, animals, trees, various businesses, advertisements, hoy, his relatives or friends are also interested in the affairs of radio-TV, etc. 

It is also included  Interest in the bat that may or may not be a suitable item for.  As if you don’t know, I haven’t found it and the selection of the item for the children’s story is not necessarily possible.  The thing should be such that the child will not regret in the end, in fact, he will never feel happy even in life, he will have no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!  Thus from which, despite the ideal image, one can know about him, from whom there is a sting?  Once it happens, there is no humor, or … ‘Starting like this 

 In which there is no hint of anything called heterosexual attraction, love, harmony, – all ears are always ready to hear Ishwar Parmar, humility, generosity, harmony!  The secret of this is eternal like a story of a man – interest.  Be it a two-year-old child or a ninety-year-old life – a motivational overview of values.  Nanima – Vartaras at all prices.  Poetry needs to be maintained in the child’s story, the story is the child’s special food.  Listening to the story means that the evil element in it is punished and the auspicious elements are safe or happy to read.  So true that the story needs to be interesting and happy.  

The thing that is said or written in a way that does not scatter but awakens and maintains interest decreases, the thing should not be broken but intact.  Should be .  Staying curious until the story is over It is also important that the number of characters in the story is limited.  It is desirable to choose something for such a children’s story that the child knows the king from the hour!  Listening to the story that has been created – by reading, the child is excited to tell a story to the child or to write a story for him, develops the ability to adapt, needs something for life;  

Just like you need clay to make a pot, you need a stone to make an idol to fight against such a falling or coming struggle, you need flour to make a shiro: power is transmitted in it.  There is a need for a thing to form a story.  In children’s literature, it is considered appropriate to choose a thing that penetrates a wide range of things to create a story for the uninitiated.  So it is understandable to be a child reader, but there is nothing lacking in a child’s story to motivate him to do anything creative.  

It may be to search for something for a child’s story, for something that plays a role in becoming a cosmopolitan, you have to be a child again, you have to keep an eye on the child, today’s need.  Sooner or later, the interest of the child in knowing the age-group of the child, the story that helps in nurturing the centers of their interest, must be chosen: considering their socio-cultural role, however, it should be a mild flower!  Falls.  The child narrator with such an eye finds the thing instinctively – after making the choice, the child narrator stays in that thing world.  

The story has to be found in the child’s life, they have to be lost, the obstacles and various experiences required by the child narrator to confirm the story have to be interviewed, read and observed.  Thus the thing can be made.  Mice – Why revenge on cats?  Doing it in the evening makes the story assimilate and sleeps in the setting sun?  Why don’t the trees walk?  Consciousness throbs in so many such stories.  


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Even if the curiosity is quenched at the child level, after assimilating enough, there will be something attractive for the child narrator.  The knitting phase comes.  Flowers from the forest, folk tales, myths, history, characters, etc., all of which, if not woven in the form of garlands, can be found in the current trends of the scattered society.  Happens, rot.  Also, you need to knit wisely.

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