Saksham National Competition 2020-21 Latest Circular – info Exam Jyot

Saksham National Competition 2020-21 Latest Circular

Saksham National Competition 2020-21 Latest Circular 

Goal 4 Satisfactory Need Goal 3 Innovation Source: Harold W.  Balls and James a.  Leadership Process in Davenport (1975), Educational Leadership Harper & Row, Publishers, New York, Pari Yath.  Page, 158 Goal 2 Provides Learning Opportunities Goal 1 School Maintenance This figure manages your school, oversees.  

Saksham National Competition 2020-21 Latest Circular
Saksham National Competition 2020-21 Latest Circular 

While coordinating, it shows that you should achieve the above four goals to become a school leader / system seventeen leader.  When you do school activities such as, maintaining the working style of students and teachers, student performance, school results.  You can claim that you are achieving Goals 1 and 2 while running regularity and specialization of teachers, professional development for teachers, equipping the library with reference materials etc.  

Those who initiate change and implement innovations can claim to have achieved Goal 2.  Furthermore, those who have succeeded in satisfying the professional aspirations of the teachers and the institution (school), to the extent that both become compatible with each other and grow together, you can consider it successful in achieving Goal-4. 

 Audio – Check out the video link in Visual Resources Change Leadership and School Improvement As long as your efforts are limited to achieving the first two goals you are the administrator.  To be a leader, you have to cross the middle line.  One could say that there are some leaders who have achieved the first three goals, there are majority managers and very few reach the goal four.  To learn more about changing leadership, check out the video link below. 

 4.3 School Leaders: Multiple Roles and Responsibilities As a developing school leader, you have many roles and responsibilities.  The seven key roles of the school leader and the responsibilities associated with them can be understood from the picture below 44

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