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School Acridiation Babat Latest paripatra

School Acridiation Babat Latest paripatra

In the money department, the father has spent a lot of money on teaching.  Some of the service teaching and learning process #t are active Ryan’s achievements since then. In this section you will see the content, the meditation decision.  Education like school key assessment 5,2.  Understanding pedagogical knowledge as the head of the school will give you special knowledge about the concepts of the husband. 

School Acridiation Babat Latest paripatra

 These three components will help you gain the knowledge and skills needed to be established as an academic leader and to be effectively supervised.  Let us understand that PCK (Podagogical Content Knowledg8) (Pedagogical Content Knowledge) is a combination of pedagogical principles in simple terms that leaks video into any audio-visual resources related to the subject of specific education field, however, education is the subject matter of the evening.  

The understanding of  Pedagogical Knowledge: This includes the following.  > A mental picture of how to teach that subject.  > Subject related instructions and examples (corresponding to a description or event) – help the student understand the subject and misunderstand it.  – To remove misunderstandings in the student and clear representation of ideas.  

 Consider the diversity of the student while teaching.  In addition to the above, create a framework of necessary planning and tactics to create and experience a positive learning environment in the school and in the classroom, taking into account the student’s cultural, social and linguistic background, interests, etc.  



To get more knowledge about education related to various subjects, you can look at the modules prepared by NCERT on various subject areas at  .  Pedagogical Information of Subjects Teaching of Environmental Studies Teaching of Science Teaching of Mathematics Teaching of Social Sciences Teaching of Languages   50

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