How to improve students?  In the present scientific age, the horizons of knowledge are rapidly expanding (1) Mental powers.  New research and new streams of thought are flowing daily, requiring mental maturity to cultivate new readability from different corners of the world.  New newspapers, weeklies, fortnightlies, magazines and books are being published daily to accommodate the children who are less mentally mature.  

Children who are not able to take advantage of this knowledge, whose mental age should not be 6 years and 6 months, should be constantly learning to read.  |  Can’t have the capacity.  When Sister Neela successfully points out the readability of reading to students, they say that when it all counts four elements: read?  Reading a book (1) Development of vision Dr.  Kanubhai R.  If we go to Patel, there is something else left.  How do we solve this one (2) hearing development problem?  The (4) mental age of the student is required to be at least 6 years.  

Looking at this reading ability, their reading speed seems to be slowing down as the child observes from his environment for some time.  General knowledge can be obtained by extending from primary level.  We become indifferent to readability.  Reading skills are therefore absent even in the graduation of the language at a mental age less than the actual age, while the children of others who have it are more problematic to the teacher for reading.  What’s up  This situation is an obstacle in cognitive development which is an advantageous force in the act of reading a child whose memory is good. 

 So for the first time, reading skills and speed of reading are improved, and the previous experiences he has gained have to be improved while reading.  If the words are fresh, the sentences are realized, if the reading ability is improved, then the student gradually increases the words, and the speed of reading increases.  Memory as well as imagination will acquire the skill of reading sentences, paragraphs and pages, development also becomes necessary.  Alas for those thoughts while reading!  Then if he has never experienced the preface or the opposite of the book in his hand, then by looking at the index he will know that this book can conceive something for us, based on the imagination he has read the opposite idea or the interpretation of a word.  Easy to do and different in reading speed?  Or the content is the same but the presentation is different.  

The fair falls.  Keeping these mental powers in mind, what activities should be done to improve readability?  We should try to improve it.  It is important to know the science of reading before thinking.  (2) Background role of experiences: “Reading is an important part of recognizing visual signs and for the reader’s good readability, interpreting those signs based on the post-experience role.  The child has a joint task of pre-reading while reading.  “Only if the characters have experience to develop reading ability can they have the right meaning of the word.  Identifying experience does not make the task easier, but even if there are some other but imaginary experiences, the features of the word are also necessary.  That could mean a lot in America.  






The child has seen the cow or the picture of the cow has been researched.  It shows that the following elements are essential for readability, such as a cow or a four-legged animal.  The result is speed in reading.  (2) Background of experiences The background of a child who has more previous experiences is faster in speaking, reading and writing experiences.  Such children also have less difficulty in understanding the story (3) Physical Charac.  It is therefore necessary to understand the teristic area of ​​his experience in order to improve readability.  This is what we should know from (4) Language Development Language Development Anecdotal record of the child and pattern of everyday language (5) Social Development Social Development. 

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