Timesheet and new instructions regarding sending service book to Gandhinagar – info Exam Jyot

Timesheet and new instructions regarding sending service book to Gandhinagar

Timesheet and new instructions regarding sending service book to Gandhinagar

Songs, dances and help in the help of songs in sports. Sports can be made alive from musical instruments. Rhymes – Poetry – Poetry – About the acting song … All mankinds around the world are already guiding the song. Eat, as well – it is a human instinct. Children are all these stars, with a special heart. Languages are done. The content of the song is also automated to teach. The first standard child has fewer words – short rhythm rhyme – Issue. Each of the thickeca or song has its own rhythm, the slope is and it is the same as it is. 

All can listen to the loud, clearly and dwell. Leaving ice. Acting in an acting song instinctively, teaching also to leave the ice. No training needed for fearful. If the songs of the song and their meaning, then the idea of acting during the last time, the idea will be slightly. For example, Separate acting and acting to run a bicycle, come to swim. Rhymes – lyrics. W Take it with tangle, stalls, steady or tunes or training. About play 

Child play is a very interesting educational tool, it is naturally naturally resembling and acting tendencies. It will blow the child’s language expressions and some tendencies will keep the rip of the ridiculous or the width. Do not need to write zer in childlands, children will speak dialogue from their memory power. Child play does not require theater, platform or decorations. 

Ears will run by changing the hedge in everyday diet. Small Stick – Stick, Hudge and Sword runs in trio. The missing thing that prices will be added by their imagination power. Beggers will also take a play with a child and play a lesson of Sapai. Balprovings: ‘balfs conducted by school,’ baldness’ is the opportunity to enjoy for children. After the entrance to the school before the school, the child has been a major inspiration of the child who has a plexion or surfing with the teachings in the street. In the three months after the child’s school admission should be organized small trips of children’s art. 

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These tours have more than one kilometer distance from school, lake, hill, garden. Religious places such as demons such as dams are related to religious places. Such trips can be done by pedestrian, car, rickshaw or bus. If there is less distance, the pedestrian tour becomes more abreast. Travel vehicles in vehicles become more joyful if injection is done. In the pedestrian tour, children will not be in the crowd, a series of goets in the pair, one assistant’s first line of children and an assistant kinney is behind the sixteen.

 Teacher’s way of children’s rows. Sometimes a few forward, sometimes walking behind the wash. Seven stigons in the seventh of the helpers – girls can be taken help. Shiya or children Song or rhymes Milaway and children cut the songs – sometimes spoken the road, sometimes louder – the road to the road to the roads of the road. Can be arranged for making. Throughout such balps, academic frulfurities can be possible: (1) Children get pleasure to strive. (2) Children achieve the cults of discipline and system. . . . . . 

Children listen to a story after five – seven times to listen to them to play the story. After selecting the character, the child will understand why the child behaves on the basis of his observation. For example, Doshi’s character will run in the hands of Raja ‘. The character of Sapi will run from Rof, shepherd’s character 2009 JTD 26

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