Commitment to basic human values: which includes the aspect of ideal character, including consistent, sincere conduct of business values ​​such as impartiality, neutrality, intellectual integrity, national loyalty, etc.  In the context of a work-based as well as a commitment-oriented curriculum, do the following three parameters consist of interrelationships and interactions?  Capacity Areas (Ten) I Areas of Operation (Five) Commitment Areas (Five) Some details regarding this structure are given in the discussion paper prepared by the National Teacher Training Council. 

            It is hoped that these proposals will spark debate in the academic world and result in the necessary innovation of teacher-training programs and become more sophisticated and useful as an aid material for impact schooling.  Before I conclude, I would like to thank the National Teacher-Training Council and especially its Chairman P.J. for conducting this important program that provides far-reaching results.  S.  Congratulations to Rajput. 

           I would also like to congratulate the many experts involved in shaping this curriculum innovation scheme in the field of teacher training.  “Bapuji” living faith |  Dr.  Ishwar Parmar My first year at Aliabad College and the early days of the semester.  I lost a textbook.  Very discovered.  Not found.  There, it was written on the notice board that a book should be taken from the office after confirmation.  I went.  Are you sure that the brother in the office says the book is yours?  Have you written your name on it  I did not write the name.  

              Nisha didn’t notice anything, but could name the book.  Even though he said, you can’t get the book.  Whatever assurance you give can be given, although no one other than me even inquired about the book.  I just sat in the hostel with my hands clasped.  Some old students advised: Go to Bapuji, maybe something will improve forever.  Late, calling Dollarbhai Mankad all Bapuji.  At that time he was the principal of Shri College.  It is true in my mind that what should I go to him in such a matter?  But those friends scolded him: “Oh, go to him without hesitation, he has repeatedly told everyone to come to him without hesitation.”  I went.  

          All talked with hesitation.  He shouted at his brother in the office.  “Give him a book.  What he said while raising the question of certainty has crept into my distance.  “I don’t understand why we should confuse such small things.  The reason for this entanglement is distrust.  Trust the student.  

           We are neither soldiers nor bureaucrats.  Why can the work of our teachers and educational institutions continue without faith?  Can’t we put so much faith in this student?  Have faith in the transaction.  Manay said we should learn to save ourselves, brother ???  After this, I gradually saw Kumash in the behavior of that brother, I saw Bapuji having faith in the students in the serious incidents.  Hence the self.  With the remembrance of Dollarbhai Mankad, a living faith was instilled in my distance – Dan 8

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