Occasionally every child in my class knows about my hygiene and if you look at your face in the mirror. were obeying, bored tears in the mirror but  My class was very bright – energetic – obedient, it was silent I was confused.  Student Ramjibhai Karshanbhai Waghri was touched by my words from under the ground by listening to his words!  Doesn’t happen and that irregular sir my parents used to come to the old school.  Sick, I have to take care of this child despite the responsibilities of home.

  The biggest reason to take home is Gijubhai Badheka Me.  I have two younger sisters.  Muchali Maa ” Nanabhai Bhatt, there is no Paror Bajri in the house.  Two Lena sisters Sarabhai, Tarabahen.  Dadu Rabari: From day one my parents and Modak and Dr. Moria from Italy: The sisters are starving and I work directly from the Balmanas farm in Montessori to “work” and infuse ideas into our PTC.  I came here during college. 

 Hey …. saheb dhar nagjibhai desai oil for making vegetables – Shantatai Maitri Vidhapeeth Surendranagar is not a drop and where am I in my head …….. !!!  “Kalel so that the motto of” Baldevo Bhava: “was considered meaningful. It was time for a big lunch break with dust on the hands and feet and scattered hair on the face.  The atmosphere was calm. Suddenly Ramjibhai arrived. He put his hand on my head and asked Acharya in very emotional words, “Son! Every child of your class comes after bathing and pouring oil on his head. District, Surendranagar – 382780 Sati Maa, Mala, Ta.

  Mein Putli Kala Ki Bhumika ”What is the main objective of the training? Understanding, a work camp was organized on the subject to impart knowledge of the culture of different states, with the participation of teachers from all over the state.  Can Gujarat and Rajasthan train trainees from these three states? Gujarat – 10 teachers, Mime and Movement of Maharashtra. 17 teachers and Rajasthan – 38 teachers in which Amreli according to their own understanding Scrip  t Prepare.  Three teachers brothers and sisters from the district Songs in Regional Languages.  Were gone. 

 The following report on Project on Cultural Educa issues were discussed and tioned in this program.  Guided Practical training in voice – HOLLSS sou modulation and Music for pup.  – Glove Puppet, Shadow Pup Boundary diameter: petry, pet.  Rod Puppet.  Paper Pup We got the knowledge of activities that are useful in education work and also pet, Finger in our life.  

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How to make different types of puppets, giving information and understanding of many issues in this way, bamboo boat, flower plant, earthen toys in Craf, mothers spent all the days of construction in this training camp with great enthusiasm and joy, earthen vase lamp etc.  .  Most of the teachers in the state of Gujarat hope that they will get the benefit of such training.  Providing the information, – C.C.R.  IT.  The main objective of, its activities, the role of the teacher in it, etc.  Education can be changed through Seemaben Vyas, Vavaira puppetry.  Can be  Ta.  Rajula

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