Vividh Raja Ange Ni Samaj Raja Na Badha Niyamo By Bhavnagar – info Exam Jyot

Vividh Raja Ange Ni Samaj Raja Na Badha Niyamo By Bhavnagar

Vividh Raja Ange Ni Samaj Raja Na Badha Niyamo By Bhavnagar


Teaching – One should constantly think of some inspiring techniques to make the teaching process more interesting and stimulating.  Such tactical practices are largely for the teacher and the student – helping to fully develop the printed strengths or skills.  

Here is information on some of these tricks, commonly used in various ancient coins, postage stamps, various plants and their leaves, rock samples, soil samples, compost samples, toys, models and other related items.  (8) Carefully plan the first few minutes of the class in the classroom.  Plan ahead.  (9) “How do I work?  How can this be done better?  ” to make their learning strategies more efficient, creative, actionable and result-oriented. 

 – Practices: (1) Explain to your students the objectives of activities and homework from the classroom. (2) Show interest and enthusiasm in the work you have done – planning and its implementation.  (4) Try new teaching methods and activities to make the learning come alive. Let the students follow the activity of their choice.  To illustrate, teach using known examples, rather than directly.  

Take a fun approach.  (6) Use audio-visual aids.  To do this, choose an educational audio-visual material that is relevant and relevant to the academic issue under the subject as well as that interests the student.  Don’t assume that film or filmstrip is a prerequisite to education.  (7) Use other available tools.  E.g.  |  Guide Satish Pathak to do and make more progress.  

(10) Have a personal conversation with each student to learn about their problems and interests.  Also keep evaluating yourself.  (11) Sometimes students can be encouraged by a totally informal assessment.  But this technique should be used prudently, not as a weapon of disciplinary action.  

(12) Praise or reward the student for the good work done. (13) Use some of the improved activity methods with new perspectives in the teaching work.  Dialogues, plays, essays or composition of poems: Character acting, problem solving, group discussions, attraction from useless things, useful tools – creation of content, etc. can be used to develop creative thinking in students. 

 (14) To do the activity of classifying the names of various things or ideas.  E.g.  T.  Synonyms, words starting with the same alphabet, new words with two or more alphabets, things of similar utility, names of the same species can be developed. 


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 (15) Subject – Invite guest lecturers from outside to research the item from time to time.  Even some members of society or guardians can be good human researchers.  (16) To prepare and store the note (in the form of report) of the definition of invited guest lecturers.  (17) Use music – educational toys or educational games to create an educational environment.  eran 2010.

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